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Our Story

Back in 2015, we had our first baby in the family. My Godson, his name is Nabeel. My cousin told me about her worries with what to pack in her hospital bag, due to the many many hospital bag checklist online. Being me, I love getting thoughtful gifts, I wanted something that would benefit her and the baby. So for her baby shower gift, I decided to check online for a pre-packed hospital bag and to my surprise I didn’t find anything. Using my own initiative, I put together a small hamper with essentials for her and the baby. She was really happy with my gift and after childbirth she told me how much my gift helped during her hospital stay. This feeling was very satisfying for me.

Fast forward 4 years later in 2019, I still had the idea of a pre-packed hospital bag in my head, and I have always known that regardless of my career path I want to have my own business. So after finishing the law degree and law school. I decided to start Mother Be. I’m currently running Mother Be by myself along side working full time. The whole process so far is challenging and rewarding, I have met some incredible moms and continue to grow a community on Instagram.

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Our Purpose And Goals

Mother Be…

  • Provides an effortless service for parents.
  • Provides high quality and biodegradable products.
  • Provides essential goods, knowledge and awareness.
  • Provides excellent customer service.
  • Provides tailored products.
  • Provides support for parents as individuals.
  • Recognises that every motherhood journey is special.
  • Emphasises greatly on inclusivity.
  • Creates a space for parents to share their experience and expectations.
  • Promotes mindfulness based childbirth and parenting.

Help Us Improve

We would love to hear from you, we value your input in our growth and development. Please share your thoughts and feedback with us on hello@motherbe.co.uk.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you in your journey.

Damilola Bakare, Owner